As if being a mentally ill, sexual abusing, fake swami is not bad enough, “Swami” Kriyananda’s / J. Donald Walters personal and spiritual views are apalling. He is one of the least tolerant people alive,

1. Anti-blacks and other minorities. As far as we can tell there are no African-American people in positions of leadership anywhere in any of the Ananda communities or churches in the United States. Or Latinos or Asians for that matter. Ananda members are mostly lily white and it appears that 100% of the leaders at all Ananda outposts in the USA are white. The tone for this is set by one man only, “Swami” Kriyananda who is the founder and man in charge of everything. This is not accident when you look at his record and background,

* Kriyananda frequently refers in public to blacks as “Negroes.” He believes slavery is good! Here’s an excerpt from a talk that was posted on the website that Kriyananda gave on October 3, 2010, “But the thing is first of all, most of these slaves were sold by their own people to the West. Secondly, back in a descending era, all of Africa and Egypt fell into black magic. There’s a lot of black magic still being practiced in Africa. That is bad karma. And so it’s known as the Dark Continent. There isn’t the same enlightenment there. You find that every country that has taken over from the white people in Africa has become overnight almost completely a non-country. But that will change….[because] There is a time now for the black nations to come up again and I think a part of that wave was these slaves coming here [to the USA]…they are the ones who can go back to Africa and lift it up. Now I understand the positive side of slavery that through this it can uplift a whole continent. So there are pluses and minuses to slavery.”

* Kriyananda in his autobiography The New Path writes all about how wonderful his time was living for a year in Charleston, South Carolina around 1947-1948. This was during the time that Charleston was ruled by the infamous Jim Crow laws and was completely segregated. Walters/Kriyananda worked at the Dock Street theater and lived in a boarding house both of which where segregated and whites only. Shockingly, he never once mentions this fact in his book! He doesn’t even seem to notice or care. Instead he refers to this year and Charleston, one of the nastiest most segregated places in the US at that time as “pleasantly familial.” What kind of person finds segregation and Jim Crow laws to be pleasant and familial?

At one point he finally notices that a black woman is being savagely beaten by the police. Not only doesn’t he make any attempt to help, he does not condemn the police for their racism. He’s not angry, upset  or shaken in any way about it. Instead he concludes that “injustice of one kind or another is inevitable in this world” so there’s no point worrying about it or trying to change it! And then he promptly goes back to his “pleasantly familial” safe and segregated white person’s cocoon at his Boarding House and Theater! What kind of guy is this?

2. Anti-homosexual. Kriyananda has been known to call homosexuals as testified to in a sworn affadavit “the derelicts of society.” For most of Ananda’s history gays were banned from living at Ananda. If someone came out of the closet, male or female, they were thrown out of the community.

* do to enormous pressure, Kriyananda eventually changed this total ban to a softer ban. Now, gays are allowed to live in the outlying communities though theyre numbers are tightly controlled and kept low.

* However, gays are still not allowed to lead at Ananda and not allowed to be ordained as ministers. They can only be quiet parishioners and only if they agree not to “agitate” for my rights or responsibilities such as being promoted to leadership or the ministry. If they dare to do this they are deemed “out of tune” and banished from Ananda.

3. Anti-Women. Kriyananda is famously misoygnistic which makes sense since for forty years he sees women primarily as his sex toys. No women serve solely in leadership positions at Ananda without being accompanied by a male coleader. The opposite is not true as men can serve in leadership positions without having a female coleader.

* he claims that women need to be around men for emotional balance and cannot be trusted to act alone without male’s to help guide and control them.

* he regularly and publicly complains that the problem with the rival organization Self-Realization Fellowship is that it is mostly run by women.

* he regularly and publicly states that men are always better than women at everything even in “traditionally” female areas of pursuit. One favorite example is cooking where he says far more women know how to cook decently than men but once a male decides to study it and become a chef, they will always end up the top in their field besting any female.

* In a depostion by Janice Moreno, attached here, he tells her that there is no such thing as discrimination against women, even in developing countries, because women always have had the sexual power to manipulate men!

* Has repeatedly said that all the women he’s abused sexually should feel “blessed” to have had sex and attention from him! (see again sworn affadavit of Janice Moreno)

* whenever an Ananda man is caught cheating on his wife which happens a lot at Ananda possibly because of Kriyananda’s example, Kriyananda typically blames the women first for not having sufficiently satisfied their men.

* any woman who accuses Kriyananda of wrongdoing is automatically labeled “hysterical” and “crazy” and “having lost their reason”. Kriyananda never takes responsibility for his part.

4. Other Religions and Spiritual Paths. Despite the fact that Paramahansa Yogananda taught the harmony and essentail oneness of all religions, Swami Kriyananda routinely slams other religions, paths and spiritual teachers in his public talks and writings. He constantly puts out that vibe that only Ananda is the true right way to live and think, everything else and everyone else is deluded included even other yoga practitioners or Hindus.

* He has criticized almost every other well-known Hindu saint and yoga teacher in public including Ammachi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi and countless others.

*He relentlessly criticizes other Yogananda-based organizations including SRF, Roy Eugene Davis’s Center for Spiritual Awareness, Norman Paulsen’s Sunburst, Yogacharya Oliver Black and all the other Kriya Yoga paths and lineages.

*He also routinely disparages all forms of Buddhism as lesser paths to classical Hinduism.

* He routinely says that most styles of hatha yoga postures that are not the Ananda style are inferior and instructs his teachers to tell all the students this. He loathes Iyengar, Vinyassa, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara and pretty much every popular form of yoga around except his.

* he also regularly takes swipes at Christians and Catholics against whom he has written several books including Revelations of Christ that disparage them at every turn.

This is probably the tip of the iceberg. If anyone can stomach reading all of his books or combing through hundreds of audio archives of his talks we’r sure many more instances of bigotry and hatred will be found. Pick up any book or listen to any random talk and almost inevitably you will hear “Swami” Kriyananda slam some other person, religion or organization.


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