Documents Proving Walters Not a Swami

Below these are exerpts from Kriyananda’s own sworn legal deposition in his sexual harasment trial in which 8 different women testified that he manipulated them into sex. Kriyananda makes it clear that he is not a swami and long ago formally renounced his swami vows even tho to the public he continues to use the title.

Double Click each image to make it larger,

Below is a letter that “Swami” Kriyananda wrote to a woman named Erina who noticed the discrepancy between his claim to be a “Swami” to the public these days and what he testified to during the Anne Marie Bertolucci sexual harassment trial that has excerpts above. Above, Kriyananda is adamant that he is no longer a swami and that he has finished and completed and ended his swami vows forever. but that’s not what he tells the public!

SK admits not swami jpeg

Notice how when he is being questioned in a court of law under penalty of purgery he makes it very clear that he’s NOT a swami and that “everyone” knew that and then when he is writing to a member of the public he tries to elaborately explain how he really IS a swami even tho he ADMITS that he NO ONE has inducted him into the Swami Order! Caught red handed in lies and hypocrisy.


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