Fabricated Awards

The previous sections proved how “Swami” Kriyananda has been lying about being a member of the Swami monastic order for over 25 years. Many of his numerous other lies, spins, and ommissions are documented elsewhere on this site.

But we have discovered additional fabrications about Kriyananda’s honors and awards that is eerily similar to how he fraudently declared himself to be a “swami.”

In most of his public documents including on all of the ananda and swamikriyananda websites, plus the press and marketing materials and books that Kriyananda releases under his vanity publishing label, Crystal Clarity, Kriyananda claims to have won all sorts of things that he has NOT. Yes, just like inventing that he’s a “swami” he also invented numerous awards for himself that either don’t exist or that he never won. We can’t think of something that more clearly points to his low character and seeming pathological need to lie about himself and his credentials.

Here are some examples of things that Kriyananda has lied about winning, we have taken the titles and award descriptions straight from ananda / kriyananda websites without altering them in any way,

1. Pioneer in Yoga Award, presented by the Los Angeles Yoga Fellowship in (2007). We searched high and low and can find no evidence this award exists. The Los Angeles Yoga Fellowship themself don’t seem to exist. No one else has ever claimed to have won an award from them. This is obviously fabricated.

2. Recipient of the Julius Caesar Medal in Rome in 2007. It represents the keys to the City, and is conferred as one of the greatest honors to heads of state. That is how it is described by Kriyananda/Ananda on their websites. After doing a google search also in italian as “Medaglia Giulio Cesare” we could find no mention of this award anywhere or anyone else who has claimed to receive it. Just to be sure we contacted an acquaintence fluent in Italian who called the city of Rome. After talking to many people and being transferred back and forth, voicemail messages and a bunch of phone tag that took nearly two weeks, our Italian speaker finally found and spoke with the person who administers the real “Key to the City” for Rome. This person confirmed that Swami Kriyananda / J. Donald Walters has not received the key to the city and they have never heard of him. More pointedly the real Key to City is not called “the Julius Caesar Medal” which the Rome government has also never heard of. The whole lie is especially strange because Kriyananda / Ananda claims the award is for “heads of state” which even Kriyananda, pathological liar that he is, has never pretended to be. So how could an American “swami” who does not live in Rome, has done no major public service or non-profit work in Italy, and has never held any kind of political office or appointment win an award reserved for “heads of state”????  Kriyananda did such a lousy job lying about this he didn’t even check to see if the lie made any sense.

3.Recipient of the Premio Ponte 2007 del Consorzio Per i Libri (Bridge Award of the Consortium for Books) for “affirming the principles of union between East and west, spreading throughout the world the ancient principles of Yoga and the spiritual teachings of the highest Indian tradition of Self-realization, making them practical and at the same available to people of every social level, and applicable in every area of daily life.” (2007) Yet again we find that this award does not exist. There is no such thing as the Bridge Award or Premio Ponte. There is no organization we could find called Consortium of Books or Consorzio Per i Libri. No one else anywhere on the planet has ever claimed to have won this award before or after Kriyananda.

4. Recipient of International Award for Goodness by Tara Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. Previous recipients include the Dalai Lama. Milan, Italy (2004). Another fake award. The Gandhi family offers no such awards nor does anyone else we could find. If you google “International Award for Goodness” the only results you will find are ananda / kriyananda websites where they have listed this fabrication again and again. Not one other website on the planet mentions it.

Additional proof and what makes this the saddest and worst fabrication of them all is that Kriyananda claims that the previous winner of the award was none other than His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In yet another big mistake by Kriyananda, he must not have realized that the Dalai Lama lists every single award he’s ever been given on his website in chronological order, going all the way from 1957-2010, and he lists everything including things that are a lot more minor than winning an Award from Tara Gandhi would be. The Dalai Lama never mentions receiving this award or anything like it.

It is not only sleazy and pathetic that Kriyananda would fraudulently use the names of both Gandhi and the Dalai Lama in fabricating his award, this and the other fake awards seems practically criminal. Its straight and pure fraud.

Most of all we think this obsession with giving himself fake awards reveals Kriyananda’s character perfectly. He has been caught point blank in outright lies intended to bolster his credentials and standing. This tells you a lot about the kind of person he is and that he is willing to lie about anything.

Now that’s been caught lying red-handed we assume that he will quickly move to delete all his fake awards from the various Ananda and Kriyananda websites out there. To guard against that, here is a screenshot of the main ananda.org website clearly showing the fabrictions. Also if you have any printed press materials from Kriyananda / Ananda that also list these awards let us know as we are sure they will now scramble to cover it up like they always do.

SK awards screenshot


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