NayaSwami Order

Recently Kriyananda invented something he calls the “nayaswami” order. This club is meant to replace the traditional “swami” order for members of Ananda and the fake swami’s followers.

Understanding why Kriyananda invented this fake monastic order gives more insight into his twisted mind. Here’s what’s going on with it,

–Kriyananda has always known that he is not actually a member of the true Swami Order of India/Hinduism even though he fraudulently portrays himself as being a swami which can be read more about here.

–Kriyananda knows that his pretending to be a holy man with a spiritual sounding title is one of the essential marketing tools that Ananda uses. Having a “swami” in charge of things makes Ananda sound legitimate and deep and connected to a genuine religious tradition and not just some start up cult.

–Kriyananda’s dilemma is that cause hes not a member of the Swami Order he obviously can’t officially make anyone else a Swami either. By law of the Swami order only actually swamis can make new swamis. So that means that none of the other Ananda leaders or his followers can get any kind of authentic spiritual title.  Of course Kriyananda could try to convince dozens of Ananda’s members and leaders that they should also start lying and fraudulently calling themselves Swamis like he did. But he didn’t want it to get out and circulate what he had done. If he had tried to enlist dozens of people in his scheme and not just the current generation but the ruse would have had to continue perpetually for generations of Ananda followers to come eventually the cat would have got out of the bag and it would have become obvious that none of the Ananda folks are actual Swamis.

–So to try to give the next generation of leaders at Ananda the same kind of surface legitimacy that he has claimed for himself Kriyananda INVENTED a whole new “swami” order himself. He decided to name his swami order “nayaswamis” because “naya” means “new” in Sanskrit. NayaSwamis don’t really exist anywhere except in Kriyananda’s fevered imagination and at Ananda. Its not a real legitimate thing. Its just a marketing ploy.

–Even worse is that real Swamis in the true Swami Order of India are supposed to be celibate renunciates who take vows not only of chastity but also poverty and obedience. But Kriyananda’s “nayaswamis” don’t take vows of much of anything. Nayaswamis and the other lesser designations of his fabricated Order can be married, have sex, be multimillionaires, lead lavish lifestyles and pretty much do anything they want as they long as they are obedient to Kriyananda! That is really the only thing that was important to Kriyananda, obedience! The rest of the sacred vows could be discarded. What kind of legitimate “monastic” order has married “nayaswamis” who have sex and can be multimillionaires not only through inheritence but through whatever ongoing business practices or money making schemes they so desire?

–Not only is the nayaswami order yet another thing that would appall Yogananda but it really goes directly against his teachings of spiritual communities. Yogananda wanted spiritual communities to be places where “householders” people with children, families, jobs, and “normal” lives could lead spiritual lives. We know of a couple who moved to Ananda about a year before Kriyananda invented the NayaSwami Order because they wanted to be married householder disciples of Yogananda. Aside from discovering that Ananda is really more about Kriyananda than Yogananda they eventually left after Kriyananda imposed the NayaSwami Order on the community. The effect of the NayaSwami Order is that it has created class warfare distinctions at Ananda. The “prestige” people and leaders of Ananda all were forced by Kriyananda to join the NayaSwami Order, yes even the married ones. Now there is tremendous social pressure for everyone who wants prestige respect or to become a leader to join the NayaSwamis. Those who don’t want to which entails also having to wear blue robes and donate all their money to Ananda in their wills and be totally obedient to Kriyananda now feel like second class citizens. New people are encouraged to look up to the people in blue robes even if they are newer and less seasoned disciples than those who refuse to put on the robes. So now the NayaSwami Order has basically destroyed the one and only thing that Ananda used to authentically offer that SRF did not which was a householder layperson spiritual community. Ultimately Kriyananda couldn’t even follow this one part of Yogananda’s teachings! He and Ananda people now literally follow zero of Yoganandas teachings or suggestions.

–So whenever you see a “nayaswami” at Ananda its important to know that this has nothing to do with Yogananda or his teachings and that these apparent “holy” people aren’t holy at all. They have sex, get into relationships, make piles of money and pretty do whatever they please as long as that also pleases Kriyananda. The whole thing is a marketing fabrication designed to further dupe and confuse the public into joining Ananda, donating money, or giving the impression that there is something holy and profound going on at Ananda.


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