Mental Illness

“Swami” Kriyananda / J. Donald Walters tells the world on every possible occasion that he is “feels nothing but bliss” is “soaring in God” and is a all round highly advanced soul. His followers believe him to be a Saint, a great man, and a spiritual genius who has attained a very high degree of spiritual awareness and insight. In his public talks and writings he tells people again and again how joyful, peaceful, content, and loving he is.

In explosive new documents that we have been given, we now know for a fact that what we’ve always know in our hearts is true. “Swami” Kriyananda appears to be lying about all of it. Not only is he not filled with joy and peace and love, he is actually under psychiatric supervision and on heavy duty medications for bi-polar, depression and anxiety.

According to emails from his own personal nurse, Miriam, “Swami” Kriyananda is on a daily dose of the following psychiatric medications,

* Lithium. Which is most commonly used to treat bi-polar disorder, also known as manic-depression.

* Lexapro. A powerful anti-depressant.

* Xanax. A hardcore and highly addictive medication used to treat severe anxiety.

Remember, these prescription medications are being taken by a man who claims to be the epitome of peace and bliss. We have real compassion for those of us who suffer from bi-polar, depression, and anxiety. No one should feel stigmatized or shamed by these things. The problem here is that”Swami” Kriyananda pretends to the public and his followers to be something that he isn’t. He lies to everyone about his spiritual status pretending to be blissful and at peace when his mind is really turbulent, anxious, depressed and deeply disturbed. It should be especially distressing to all those who buy his books, attend his classes and donate him money since he is telling you that he has the secrets for lasting happiness and inner peace when obviously he doesn’t.

How do we know this is true? Read this page for the documented evidence.


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