Documents Showing “Swami” Kriyananda Medications

Below are some letters that “Swami” Kriyanandas personal nurse has circulated. They prove beyond doubt that Kriyananda is secretly mentally ill and takes heavy psychiatric perscriptions. First some additional explanation on how we got these or you can skip below.

We were given a copy of these documents by a woman who got them third or fourth hand from Miriam, Kriyananda’s personal nurse and Ananda member. They have been slowly circulating from person to person underground for quite some time until now they are bursting to the surface. We are told that Miriam who is newer to Ananda than many of the inner circle leaders who have long been part of the cover-up and who have helped suppress the truth about Kriyananda for decades, was confused upon learning the hidden truth about Kriyananda. So she had been circulating these documents and verbally telling people about what’s really going on as a way to get the counseling she needed to make sense of these secrets. The leaders of Ananda eventual convinced her to keep quiet but buy then she had already circulated these documents to many people who over time started sharing them with others until eventually they reached us.

Out of caution in that we know these are bombshells that will forever change the world understanding of “Swami” Kriyananda, we held back these documents for months in an effort to get a second confirmation of authenticity. Without going into details that divulge some sources we have at Ananda Village we can tell you that someone else also confirmed these are real. We have also confirmed that Miriam is a real person and is definitely Kriyananda’s nurse in charge of his daily care and administering his medications so she is in a position to know these things. Peter Van Houten is Kriyananda’s personal doctor and long time minister of Ananda who helped Kriyananda try to obstruct his depostions in the sexual harrasment trial of Anne Marie Bertolucci so Van Houten has been part of the coverup from the very beginning.

For the sake of privacy we blocked out a bunch of Ananda people including several names that are the known leadership of Ananda who were copied on these emails as well as several names we don’t recognize. In other words there is also no doubt that the leaders of ananda have long known that Kriyananda is fraudently misrepesenting himself and not only don’t go public but actively conspire with Kriyananda to keep these secret. This is more proof that you cannot trust anything they say, they are are part of the conspiracy and cover up.

Finally the sad truth comes out,

SK on Xanax and Lithium

SK on Lexapro


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