Sexual Abuser

“Swami” Kriyananda’s sexual improprieties are shocking to the core. There are so many that have been so extensively documented its virtually impossible to cover them all here. Here are some of the most important lowlights:

* “Swami” Kriyananda has been officially found guilty of sexual harassment, malice, and fraud in a court of law. He and Ananda were ordered to pay Anne Marie Bertolucci millions of dollars in judgements and penalties. You can read the verdict here:

* Kriyananda has had sex with more than 20 women, many ongoing on a long term basis, for over 40 years. Almost all of them maybe all, were his students, people who came to him for spiritual counsil and help. Most left disillusioned and shattered. At least eight or nine different women had the courage to testify against him in open court. Other women declined to testify though they have confessed to sexual affairs with Kriyananda because they had moved on with their lives or didn’t want to get publicly dragged through the mud by Kriyananda’s attorneys. Some are still to traumatized to come forward or now have family and children and didn’t want to get dragged into reliving their trauma. At least two different women Kriyananda had sex with live outside the US and could not be located to testify. At least 4-6  more women are still members of Ananda to some degree or another and even though multiple eyewitnesses confirmed their affairs with Kriyananda including that those woman all admitted it themselves to several people, they refused to testify in court about it, probably due to pressure direct from “Swami” Kriyananda. Three of the women openly perjured themselves in order to “protect” Kriyananda even though everyone knew they were lying.

* His first documented breaking of his “Swami” celibacy vows came in 1960 only five years after he first became a Swami and while he was still a member of Self-Realization Fellowship. Kriyananda admits in his book A Place Called Ananda that he had an affair with one of the nuns at SRF in 1960. This is also one of the reasons for his dismissal from that organization discussed in other sections.

* Several people have testified that all through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s while he was claiming to be a celibate “swami” he was routinely and frequently engaging in sex acts with women the vast majority of whom were his own students.

* Kriyananda engaged in especially degenerate acts especially for a “swami” including three-way sex orgies with two women nuns at the same time and on several occasions had sex with married women. He admits to this.

* another woman testified under penalty of perjury that Kriyananda outright forcibly raped her. The trauma confusion and shame of being raped by her spiritual led her to kept it hidden for over 12 years by which time the statute of limitations expired. She did however testify against Walters/Kriyananda in open court on behalf of Anne Marie Bertolucci. The jury said that they totally believed her account.

* According to the sworn affadavit of Janice Moreno who was Kriyananda’s close confident for many years, Kriyananda admitted to her that he is a “sex addict” and has severe sexual problems.

* despite that Paramahansa Yogananda strongly demanded that his followers not dabble in Tantra (sex) Yoga, Kriyananda openly defied his guru by doing so. He admits so in chapter eight of his book called Swami Kriyananda As We Have Known Him. Kriyananda himself frequently tells his own followers not to do Tantra practices even while he himself was secretly doing them. This is yet another example of both his disobeying Yogananda and his hypocrisy.

* The crazy sex behavior might even continue to this day despite the lecher now being in his mid-80’s. We have received three different reports from Ananda members who say that they think Kriyananda might have a “secret wife.” This women is apparently 50 years younger than he is and is a pretty blond “nun” (where have we heard that before?) This woman who’s name we don’t know is with him day and night, travels the world with him, and his not a secretary, cook, or medical professional. She sleeps over alone with him on many occasions. The Ananda leadership all know about it and are as usual working hard to keep it quiet and covered up.

We are attaching a number of court testimony, signed legal declarations from women Kriyananda has abused and other documents in the drop-down box at the top of this page under the “Sexual Abuser” tab. There is a lot of material here most of which will turn your stomach. Because there is so much material we didn’t feel like we possibly include it all here. There are two other websites dedicated to mostly the Sex Trial against Kriyananda in which he was found guilty. We recomend you read these sites,

Ananda Info

Ananda Uncovered

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