1960 Affair at SRF

Kriyananda repeatedly lies and obscures the truth of his history to his followers. One way that he pretends his behavior isn’t so awful is that he tells his followers and instructs them to tell others that the period he was abusing women was a narrow sliver of his career in the 80’s when he was in an especially confused space.

Even if that were true its plenty bad itself but its not. Kriyananda, while claiming to be a celibate “swami” has in fact been having sex with women since at least 1960!

He didn’t waste much time before he started breaking his vows, remember this is only a few years after he first took them. Also, when Kriyananda lies to his followers about the extent of his sexual activity, one of his favorite lies is to pretend that he only stopped being celibate when he was a monk on his own outside of the protected environment of SRF and surrounded by worldly people have sex. This below confession blows that lie out of the water. This 1960 affair happened while he was still a monk in SRF and worst of all actually transpires while he is living as a monk, surrounded by other monks, at the very headquarters of SRF’s monastic order!

In one of his depositions, which he orders his followers not to read, he admitted that he had sex with a fellow NUN while he was still at Self-Realization Fellowship in 1960. This affair plus another one and some other horrible things he did at SRF are the real reasons he was expelled from that organization, which can be read about in more depth here.

After the deposition forced him to admit his 1960 affair when he was supposed to be a celibate monk, he confessed the following which can be found in his book A Place Called Ananda:

I returned to America in April, 1960, for a visit….Much of my time in America was spent in discussions with Daya Mata about our work in India. I also spent time with the monks, and spoke at several of our churches. Memories come crowding in now, most of them filled with joy.

Most of them … but not all. At this time a cloud entered my life, and posed a serious threat to my spiritual development. It represented the commonest of all obstacles on the path.

Romance was not a part of our way of life. We were renunciates, dedicated to the single life in our service of God. But we were human beings also, and not immune to normal human feelings….

I myself had had two crosses to bear in my self: spiritual doubt, which by this time I had for the most part overcome, and the desire for sex and romance, over which I felt by this time that I’d achieved at least noteworthy victory. The tendency toward spiritual doubt lingered still in my subconscious, however; it emerged occasionally in the form of bouts of self-doubt. And the desire for human love, though no longer mixed, to my conscious awareness, with physical desire, yet found expression in the thought that human love was an attractive manifestation of love itself, the “divine passion.”

….I valued renunciation not only in the abstract, but as a personal ideal. When I took my vows in 1955 as a swami, however, it was not a declaration, “I am free!” Rather, it was an affirmation, “I will do my utmost to become completely free in this life.” Sometimes I would fantasize that on my deathbed I would joyfully realize that I was free at last from this greatest of all delusions….

There was a nun at Mt. Washington who had once harshly criticized another nun for leaving the ashram and marrying. The karma for that criticism now became her nemesis. She fell in love with me. The anguish on her countenance and in her eyes was too much for me. This was a weakness of mine: I couldn’t bear to see another person suffer. Before I knew it, I found myself drawn into an emotion that I had hoped to have left behind me forever. I struggled against it, but to no avail….

Just see the heart-rending twists of fate: This very nun became, years later (perhaps in attempted expiation of her own sin), utterly dedicated to my undoing.

From http://www.ananda.org/inspiration/books/place/12.html

Note, this is typical Kriyananda-speak. He has an affair which he covered up for decades with a fellow nun at SRF. When it finally comes out, he blames her for it! Just like he blamed all the woman in the Bertolucci lawsuit. He says this nun “fell in love with him” and he only had a sexual affair with her because he “couldn’t bear to see another person suffer.” !!!! Then just a short time later when this very affair becomes one of the grounds for his dismissal from SRF, he dares to claim that her confessing the affair to Daya Mata who was her confessor and superior not to mention the honest thing to do was merely her trying to expiate her sins and extract revenge on Kriyananda as if she were a hysterical, scorned woman. Which is how Kriyannada sees all women anyways.

Notice to how all the sudden he has an excuse for why he broke his vow, that HE never personally felt like even when he first took them that vows were meant to be adhered to no matter what. EVERYONE else who has ever taken them believes that they are taking serious vows that they should only take IF THEY CAN ADHERE to him but not Kriyananda. From the very start he was looking for wiggle room. Notice also how in Kriyananda’s tortured mind he is somehow the hero for having taking a vow that from the first day he knew he couldn’t adhere to yet portray it as a valiant struggle. So now lying and cheating are noble? Remember also that Yogananda himself made it very clear that the only people who should take the “swami” vow are those that can fully adhere to it. Kriyananda ignores this inconvenient fact altogether.

So if Kriyananda admits that from the start he wasn’t likely to live up to this vow and that Yogananda would have been dead set against Kriyananda taking the vow, then why did Kriyananda take it in the first place? When you read this site in full the answer is obvious. He wants prestige, fame, power over others and all the financial benefits that accrue to declaring yourself a “holy person.” That’s the real reason Kriyananda originally took the vow and then even when he formally renounced it still goes about calling himself a “swami” TO THIS DAY.

Does Kriyananda ever take responsibility for anything he does?



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