SRF & Yogananda

Kriyananda has gained his fame wealth prestige and followers by claiming to be an important direct disciple of the famous spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda who is universally beloved untainted by scandal and one of the most influential figures in 20th Century spirituality.

Kriyananda ruthlessly exploits his connection to Yogananda, writing books about him that insert himself into the story, using him as the topic for his public talks in order to get attendance and putting him on all his marketing, publicity and public materials. Kriyananda does this cause nothing he does or has done or the person he truly is can stand on his own.

Here are some important truths about Yogananda, SRF, and Kriyananda to read about,

1. The real reason for Kriyananda’s expulsion from SRF.

2. How Kriyananda was a minor virtually unknown disciple during Yogananda’s life with limited contact with the Master.

3. How Kriyananda at Ananda has massively changed and substituted his teachings in place of Yogananda’s.

4. Kriyanananda’s hypocrisy and lies about editing Yogananda’s writings and theft of Yogananda’s/SRF copyrights.

5. How he lied about his relationship and “special status” with the woman saint Ananda Moye Ma to.

The reality is that when you look back at the very beginning, the lies and hypocrisies started a long time ago. It is no wonder that such a person is severely mentally ill.


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