Editing Hypocrisy/Fraud

Here is another area in which we see what a huge hypocrite and huckster “Swami” Kriyananda is.

First a disclaimer. The topic here is not, repeated not, whether the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda should or shouldn’t be edited or who does have the legitimate or illegitimate right to edit Yogananda. We grant that SRF edits Yogananda’s writings themselves. Whether this is good or bad in general is not the issue and and isn’t going to be rehashed on this site since its already got plenty of debate on other websites.

This section is only about the shocking hypocrisy of Kriyananda and his followers on this topic and yet more other ways that he commits fraud in his books.


Kriyananda and Ananda are repeatedly outraged that SRF edits the books and words of Paramahansa Yogananda. They shout from the rooftops in Kriyanananda’s books public lectures and all over the internet about how awful it is that SRF edits Yogananda after his death and presumably without his permission or guidance. They even have a whole website dedicated to “exposing” how SRF has post-death edited Yogananda’s books and how terrible this is.

Here’s an example of what Kriyananda writes about SRF editing Yogananda’s book of prayers and poetry called Whispers from Eternity. These words are written by Kriyananda himself and posted on an Ananda website,

“Tara Mata [Yogananda’s editor at SRF] proceeded, after Master’s passing, to change Whispers from Eternity so drastically that it became almost unrecognizable as the beautiful book he had authored. She even dared to forge a letter, as if written by him, commending her for her editorial labors on the book. The letter was predated to before his death. Master himself told me this book was the only one he’d edited personally, and in its entirety. The results of his labor were inspiring.”

Ok. We get it very clear. Kriyananda thinks that Whispers is a beautiful book, already edited to perfection by Yogananda himself. How terrible that someone would then change it and then pretend that Yogananda wanted that to happen!

So what does Kriyananda do? Why of course HE then edits Whispers himself!

Not a light edit either. He edits seemingly most every sentence of every single page making it almost unrecognizable from the original book that Kriyananda already said was inspiring and directly done by an enlightened master/avatar himself!

This is not just hypocrisy this is mental illness.

As incredible as this blatant hypocrisy is what also stands out is that neither Kriyananda or anyone at Ananda even sees it. You would at least think that after theyre guru Kriyananda totally goes back on his own criticism of editing Whispers that they would take down or revise their internet hate screeds against SRF. Heck no! As of this writing and we have the screenshots to prove it, Kriyananda’s criticism of SRF for editing Whispers is still plastered all over their websites. This tells us a lot about how crazy they all are.

This is not the only thing that Kriyananda has edited neither. He’s edited almost every single writing of Yogananda’s that he can get his hands on. If you see a “Yogananda” book put out by Ananda/Crystal Clarity then you can bet that Kriyananda has personally edited / changed it extensively from what Yogananda wrote while he was alive. All without any kind of permission or guidance from Yogananda who died decades ago.


Kriyananda does not stop here either. Whenever he runs out of Yogananda’s writings to edit without permission or need, even worse he then puts out books under the name of Yogananda that Kriyananda wrote 50 years after Yogananda’s death,

Kriyananda has written from scratch, not edited, two books called The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita and Revelations of Christ. Both books put Yogananda’s name on the front cover and are found in bookstores under the Yogananda section. If you click the links you will see the amazon pages for the books and note who is the author. The Ananda publishing website called Crystal clarity also says the book is “by Paramhansa Yogananda” and sells it in their Yogananda section of books.

But the books are NOT by Yogananda. Nor are they edited versions of Yogananda’s manuscripts. Yogananda did not write them, sanction them or have any knowledge of them ever!

Kriyananda admits he did not have the notes or manuscripts or any material from Yogananda himself when Kriyananda wrote these books. He claims that these are his “memories” and “recollections” of what Yogananda said on these topics. He even admits these are not specificly detailed word for word memories but general ones from once having read Yogananda’s original manuscripts for these books OVER 50 YEARS AGO. For material that was minutely detailed passage by passage of the Bible and Bhagavad Gita that added up to over 1000 pages of Yogananda’s original writings! to recap,

* Kriyananda admits both these books are his specific words alone and not the actual words sentences and paragraphs originally written by Yogananda.

* Kriyananda admits the books are based on general memories and not any kind of photographic memory of his or god-help-us some kind of divine revelation where it all mysteriously plopped into Kriyananda’s mind word for word.

* Kriyananda admits he did not have the original source material when he wrote either book. At least he can’t admit having it because if he did then that would be plagiarism / copyright stealing since SRF owns the copyrights to those books. Something he’s already done before of course and lost a lawsuit about.

* The original volume of material written by Yogananda between the two books is at least 1000 pages of very dense and philosophical stuff maybe even 1500 or 2000 pages.

Any reasonable non-brainwashed person can see that these books are not and should not be called books by Paramahansa Yogananda. They are clearly written by Kriyananda. This is beyond obvious to any objective person.

That Kriyananda dares to label Yogananda as the author is FRAUD pure and simple.

The only other option would be that if Kriyananda wants to claim that these really are the words of Yoganananda then he has committed yet another copyright violation which is a different kind of fraud. Kriyananda HAS been found guilty of stealing SRF’s copyrights in the past. So this is also possible.

So which kind of fraud is Kriyananda committing here? Is he releasing books that HE wrote under Yogananda’s name or are these in fact Yogananda’s books in which case he stole the mansucripts from the rightful copyright holder?

Either way it is not only a terrible unethical lie it is also probably yet another actual crime for which Kriyananda deserves to be prosecuted.


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