Expulsion from SRF

Kriyananda does not dispute that he was kicked out of his guru’s organization, Self-Realization Fellowship in 1962.

What he disputes is the reason for his expulsion. He claims it was because he was “too popular” with the public and that Daya Mata the president of SRF at the time and other members of the Board of Directors were afraid of his dynamic “magnetism.” To any rational person this flimsy excuse should sound pretty insane but for some reason many Ananda people believe it.

Here are the circumstances around his departure,

1. “Swami” Kriyananda was supposedly a celibate monk and sincere spiritual seeker serving on the Board of directors of SRF at the time of his dismissal. By his own admission he was having a sexual affair with another nun at SRF that began in 1960. Think about this from SRFs viewpoint. They are a spiritual organization trying to represent the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. That a “celibate” monk and one of their public spiritual teachers was having a sexual affair is a major scandal. Of course they threw him out!!!! That’s what they should have done, what any decent organization should have done.

For this reason alone there should be no controversy or doubt that Daya Mata and SRF did the right thing, espeically in light of the subsequent years and jury trials which prove beyond all doubt that Kriyananda is sexually depraved. They could not possibly have this person representing them! SRF should be celebrated for quickly and clearly doing the right thing.

2. Aside from this one affair that Kriyananda confirms took place in the USA, he was also accused of repeatedly having affairs with woman in India. SRF received multiple complaints from different people about him.

• While serving in India in the late 50s and early 60s when he was largely unsupervised, it is reported that Kriyananda repeatedly violated his monastic vows of celibacy and obedience.

• Kriyananda traveled around India with two young nuns, ostensibly for the purpose of founding an SRF convent. SRF received a letter from the outraged parents of these women, complaining that he had attempted, and perhaps engaged in some form of sexual relationship with at least one of them. These parents also complained to government authorities.

3. Kriyananda attempted to bring SRF into a bribery scheme with Indian officials involving millions of dollars in order to acquire hard-to-get greenbelt land in New Delhi for an SRF ashram. The project was launched by Kriyananda alone without first discussing it with anyone else at SRF or anyone on the Board of Directors. Imagine launching a multi million dollar project for a non profit religious organization that will be paid for by others but not telling anyone about it until after the fact!

Worse, He lied to the Indian government about his intentions for this project. He told the Indian governement at the highest levels including Prime Minister Nehru himself that SRF wanted this greenbelt land so that SRF could pay to create a public park as a charitable project. But he told SRF and secretly planned to use this land once SRF acquired it to build a private ashram for SRF members. Of course Daya Mata and the Board were horrified when Kriyananda told them of his scheme to defraud the Indian government. SRF’s relationship with the India government was severely compromised by Kriyananda’s unethical and immoral behavior. Sex aside this was reason enough for him to be thrown out.

4. Something Kriyananda doesn’t tell his followers is that this above incident is independently corroborated.

Kriyananda was officially deported by the Indian government in 1962 and given a 10-year ban from coming back to India for any reason even as a tourist. The indian government doesn’t just go around banning “swamis” advocating its own religion for no reason. And SRF which only had a small prescence in India at the time did not have the power to get people banned from India. And they would not have wanted this to because remember this was all highly embarrassing for SRF as everything that got Kriyananda deported happened while he was officially on the Board and representing SRF. the last thing SRF wanted was to have someone working under their name banned. That it happened is independent proof that the Indian government concluded that Kriyananda was an immoral liar. Kriyananda does not dispute that he was banned from India since he can’t cause its a matter of public record.

5. Financial impropriety. As if the above isn’t enough, Kriyananda also secretly controlled SRF funds through unauthorized personal bank account. The Board wondered/worried where theyre money was going or how it was being used. no accountanting was given to them. they were concerned that donors might be being lied to or defrauded by kriyananda.

6. Refusal to work with the Indians in charge of SRF’s work in India. Kriyananda admits that he held low opinions and did not want to work with the people in charge of SRF’s work in India including the head of SRF/YSS, Binay Dubay who Kriyananda abandoned in Calcutta so Kriyananda could go to Delhi where he could do whatever he wanted without supervision or feedback. Read Kriyanandas own accounts of his time in India during this period in his book “a place called ananda,” chapters 9-13. its filled with criticism toward everyone running SRF/YSS india and even the indian people themselves, the very people that kriyananda was supposedly their to help. this is someone fighting with everyone else in India and in constant conflict including the Indians who were funding and running the work and who were born and raised there and would live their whole lives.

Kriyananda might think he sounds like the hero of his version but we think most impartial people will think he sounds like a jerk especially if you read between the lines or reflect on what he is saying and then factor in that this is the sanitized and most kriyananda friendly view of his actions and attitudes. the book is also filled with arrogant criticisms of his fellow American disciples of Yogananda and other main members of the Board and recreation of conversations and issues from that time period. read these sections and imagine what he must have really been like to work with. No wonder they kicked him out.

7. Kriyananda frequently retells these events in his books and talks from his own view making SRF the bad guys for being fearful of his popularity and magnetism. He admits that SRF gave him letters outlining the reasons for his dismissal. But Kriyananda has never released these letters to the public. Strange for someone who has written multiple autobiographies about himself and commissioned his followers to write several biographies as well. If things are like Kriyananda claims then why has he never released his expulsion letter? what is he hiding? if he’s so innocent, lets see them and set the record straight.




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