Obsession with SRF

Ever since Daya Mata and the Board of Directors of Self Realization Fellowship kicked out “Swami” Kriyananda / J. Donald Walters in 1963, he has been obsessed with them. Thats over 50 years now!

Yogananda wrote about how people can become “psychological antiques” by obsessively reliving or focusing on the past and how it can also lead to major mental illness. This describes Kriyananda perfectly,

* To this day, Kriyananda talks about Daya Mata and/or SRF in virtually every single one of his public lectures. Pick any of them at random on the ananda websites and listen. you will almost certainly hear him discussing SRF, Daya Mata or one of the other disciples in a disparaging way.

* Every single member of Ananda Awarneess Network and all the long time students of Ananda can vouch for the fact that Kriyananda discusses SRF, Daya Mata, or one of the other disciples almost every single day of his private life. At meals, during informal gatherings, at tea time, during movies, Kriyananda non-stop talks about them. Imagine talking about something that happened over 50 years ago every single day usually multiple times per day. This is not a spiritual person but a mentally ill one! Every single person at Ananda whether they will admit it or not knows exactly what we are talking about here. His obsession with SRF is legendary and undeniable.

* Kriyananda has either written or commisioned other Ananda members to write at least 6 different books where the supposed awfulness of Daya Mata and or SRF and its Board of Directors is the main topic or major section. Even in many of his books not about SRF, he usually finds multiple opportunities to mention nasty things about Daya Mata or SRF even when it doesnt really have anything to do with the topic.

* Kriyananda goaded SRF into suing him because he couldn’t stand them ignoring him. Kriyananda has falsely put out the idea that he was an innocent target of SRF minding his own business and doing his own thing until the big, bad SRF decided to squash him. That’s not what really happened.  Kriyananda goaded them into it. He changed the name of Ananda from plain Ananda to Ananda Church of Self-Realization which sounded very similar to Self Realization Fellowship. He started putting out books not under his own name but under Yogananda’s. He started putting Yogananda’s picture that is on the cover of Autobiography of a Yogi and that had been associated with SRF for decades on Ananda’s marketing materials. He stole copyrighted recordings that SRF owns of Yogananda speaking and released them under his own publishing house and pocketed the profits. He continuously said terrible things about Daya Mata, other senior disciples, and the Board of Directors in public both in writing and in public lectures. He wrote “private” letters filled with spite to Daya and the Board on a regular basis. “private” in quotes cause he almost always ended up making them public when SRF wouldn’t take the bait and respond.

* Kriyananda loves to tell the story about how he offered to give Ananda to SRF. Kriyananda claims the point is that he just wants to work together in harmony and has no interest in a competing work and that all the tension is SRF’s fault since SRF rejected his attempt to give them Ananda. What Kriyananda fails to mention in this story is that he was not offering to give Ananda to SRF and then for himself to go away. He was going to stay and continue to be a leader of the newly merged organization. Remember that SRF threw him out in 1963 for a variety of abuses! The whole ploy to give Ananda to SRF was just Kriyananda’s sneaky way of trying to get back into SRF.
OF COURSE they didn’t want to take Ananda! They want nothing to do with the guy and for very very good reasons as this website explains!

* He wrote a terrible ugly book filled with unsubstantiated lies about Daya and other disciples called Rescuing Yogananda. When people all over the world including his own Ananda members even told him he had gone too far, he claimed that he had a divinely inspired dream to withdraw it from the marketplace. Then a few months later after the controversy died down and after he made it seem like he was a spiritual man who had spiritual experiences, Kriyananda simply republished the book under a new name, Yogananda for the World! He could not bear not to have his spite-filled screed against Daya Mata and SRF out of print! When you read Kriyananda talking about his dream and deciding to do the right thing by withdrawing the book then you realize that a few months later he put the same book back into print with a new title you realize what a lying sleaze ball Kriyananda really is. He will say or do anything to curry favor in the moment. He has no conscience whatsoever. He is the most insincere man you will ever meet.

This is the verbatim letter he wrote on why he was withdrawing his hate filled screed Rescuing Yogannada from the marketplace,

December 31, 2010
This new postlude was just added by Swami Kriyananda to his recent book, Rescuing Yogananda, which has since been discontinued.

I had a dream last night in which a saint, not from our line of gurus, said to me in reference to this book, “It is not your place to judge.” He didn’t need to tell me to what he was referring. I knew it was to this book.

I replied, “But it says important things, things that need to be brought out.”

He replied, “All right, I agree. But now, drop it. Your job is not to judge anyone, but to see God everywhere, and in everyone. Let this book be a one-time-only statement. You be a child of God. Judgement is of the ego; divine acceptance is of the soul. So forget the book now, and think only of Him.”

He was severe, but also very sweet. I was deeply grateful to him. And I agree with him completely. My feeling from this dream was one of deep bliss. From now on I drop the subject altogether. It is no longer something about which I care to initiate any further discussion.

Swami Kriyananda


January 14, 2011

When I first had this dream, I thought the saint had approved of my getting out one edition of the second, improved version. But a nagging thought wouldn’t leave me: “Why even publish this edition? I’ve already presented my key thoughts. Whatever good they might do has been done. Enough said.” Finally I decided it was my conscience talking to me! So I wrote our publishing house and asked them to stop the print run. It has meant some loss of money, but better that than an offense to my conscience.

So ask yourself this. if any of the above was true why did Kriyananda change the title of the book and then put it back into print just a few months later? Here is the exact same book with a different title for sale on Ananda’s publishing house website.

How can anyone ever believe a word this man says? He will say or do anything!


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